Molotov Cocktail Collection

What are Molotov Cocktails?

Molotov Cocktails are animated digital assets known as an NFTs or non-fungible tokens which are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Think of Molotov Cocktails as trading cards, but in digital form with a unique identity to prove ownership.

Just like trading cards, you can buy, sell, and trade.

The value can go up or down based on a number of factors, including popularity and scarcity.

Each animated asset shows a character wearing a special hat, throwing a molotov cocktail.


To be determined.


Scarcity is one of the biggest allures of NFT collecting.

Generally, the more scarce one is, the more it’s worth.

For example, aliens, apes, and zombies are the most rare within the Cryptopunk collection by Larvalabs.

Five of the apes and aliens have sold for at least a million dollars each — the highest over $7 Million dollars!

Just like Cryptopunks, some of the Molotov Cocktails are more rare than others.

Molotov Cocktail Collecting Guide

Every single Molotov Cocktail is unique, or 1/1.

Each Molotov Cocktail has four interchangeable properties including the hat, the molotov cocktail grenade, outfit, and the skin color.

Each ‘series’ is determined by the style and/or color of the hat.

Scarcity or rarity is determined by special molotov cocktail grenades, special suits, and/or special hat emblems.

There are three levels of scarcity:


Rare Molotov Cocktails in a series consist of the whisky bottle molotov cocktail grenade, a rare suit, and a one-of-a-kind emblem.

Approximate overall percentage of charms that are RARE: 10%


There are three Uncommon Molotov Cocktails in a series.

The molotov cocktail grenades include the Heineken beer bottle, the rum bottle, and the black bottle molotov cocktail grenade, and an uncommon outfit.

Approximate overall percentage of charms that are COMMON: 30%


Common Molotov Cocktails include the basic gray molotov cocktail grenade and a basic outfit.

Approximate overall percentage of charms that are COMMON: 60%

How to Buy Molotov Cocktail NFTs?

Get a Metamask chrome extension.

Load it with ETH through services that allow you to change your money to ETH like Coinbase Pro or Paypal.

Finally, click the button on the sticky banner and approve the transaction on Metamask.

Go to the Molotov Cocktail Collection store at

Overall Specs

Each Molotov Cocktail is made the BOOM-er way:100% human crafted using state-of-the-art technology — no random BS. The only thing artificial about this is any high-fructose corn syrup that was consumed while creating them. I have much respect for our predecessors and fellow artists creating computer and procedural-generated art. I actually find that sh*t $#@%ing fascinating. However, I just like to have complete creative control with the unequaled distinction of the human touch.

Detailed specs:

  • Each Molotov Cocktail is unique or 1/1
  • 320×320 animated GIF
  • 24 Frames per second
  • Four major interchangeable properties including: molotov cocktail grenade, hat, outfit, and skin color.